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*SSL (Secure Socket Layer): An industry-standard communications encryption technology for encrypting data transmitted and received between web servers and web browsers (due to the nature of the encryption technology, safety is not 100% guaranteed).

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Various types of RSS readers are distributed free-of-charge, such as software that incorporates RSS information from specified sites and generates a webpage summarizing the update status and software that displays updated information of the specified site on the desktop.

Warnings concerning the Use of RSS

Please note that services may be suspended without notice for maintenance and the like and RSS URLs or the content or format of information provided may be modified without notice. Furthermore, RSS distribution may be discontinued due to the circumstances.
Please further note that the Company is not able to respond to questions concerning RSS use methods or inquiries concerning software functions provided by third parties including RSS readers or operating environments.


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Distribution of Advertisements Using Viewing History

The Isetan Mitsukoshi Group may distribute Group advertisements based on customers’ viewing histories on the website (referred to as “Distribution of Advertisements Using Viewing History”). Viewing history information obtained from the website is in principle used only for the distribution of Group advertisements and is not used for any other purpose (however, websites that acquire viewing history information for purposes other than the distribution of Group advertisements provide notice to that effect on the relevant websites). If you wish to stop the Distribution of Advertisements Using Viewing History, please access this page and perform the specified procedures.


  • Links to the Company Website do not require prior notice, whether the links are for profit, non-profit, or intranet purposes. However, links from websites that fall under or are likely to fall under any of the following are strictly prohibited. Furthermore, the Company may request modification of link setting methods or deletion of links even in cases not falling under any of the following.

  • Websites that contain content intended to slander or undermine the credibility of the Company, Isetan Mitsukoshi Group companies, their employees, other companies or persons, or other organizations;

  • Websites that contain adult content;

  • Websites that contain content that violates public order and morals or social ethics;

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  • Websites concerning activities that are or may be unlawful;

  • Websites that display the Company’s website in a frame or by other means make it unclear that it is the Company’s website that is being displayed and may cause misunderstanding by third parties. 


Accessibility refers to the concept of enabling all users including senior citizens, persons with disabilities, and persons with temporary disabilities to use resources in the same manner.
The Company strives to ensure and improve the accessibility of the information and services provided on this website in order to maximize the number of people who can use it in a trouble-free manner, regardless of age, physical restriction, use environment, and so on.
Further details can be found in the Accessibility Policy.