IR Policy

  • At Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd., we conduct our IR activities, which include public and investor relations activities for shareholders and investors, based on our IR policy. Our objective in doing this is to gain the trust and understanding of our shareholders and investors.

  • Disclosure of Information
    As well as timely and appropriate disclosure of information in line with laws related to financial products and the regulations of stock exchanges where our shares are listed, we work to ensure important information that could impact investment decisions is available equally to all market participants.

  • Disclosure Methods
    We aim for immediacy and fairness in our disclosure of information through methods such as posting information on our website as well as promptly providing information to the media. We also notify our shareholders on matters including operational performance and business conditions through means including shareholder newsletters.
    Further, the information provided when we hold individual meetings and conferences with parties such as institutional investors and securities analysts is limited to public and widely known information and information on the general business environment. Under no circumstances do we provide material information that is not publicly released.

  • Enriching Communication
    We take proactive measures to enrich direct communication with shareholders and investors by holding conferences and responding to day-to-day inquiries.
    We also share opinions received from shareholders and investors widely throughout the company and work toward making use of these in our business activities to improve corporate value.

  • IR Quiet Periods
    Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd. adheres to quarterly quiet periods. During these periods, our employees and executives refrain from commenting to investors and members of the media regarding financial results, earnings forecasts, and other information related to financial closing.
    Further, we do not hold events such as individual meetings or conferences with investors during quiet periods.