Management Plan

Isetan Mitsukoshi Group's Value Creation Process

Vision for the Long Term

To be a “special” department store-centered retail group that enriches the lives of its customers

~To gain the utmost support in high sensitivity, fine quality consumption, with the pride of Japan and the ability to convey this around the world~

Medium-to Long-Term management plan

Medium-to Long-Term Strategic Steps (Flow and Time Scale)


[Revitalize Phase] :   Under the current medium-term management plan, we will revitalize department stores through our strategy of " High sensitivity, fine quality".

[Deployment Phase] :  Expanding the infrastructure functions cultivated during the revitalize phase to external sources through the " Stronger intra-Group coordination strategy"

[Fruiting Phase] :  Through " Urban development " wrapped with the appeal of department stores by organically utilizing our own infrastructure ,we will become the "Special" existence that gains the utmost support in high sensitivity, fine quality consumption, with the pride of Japan and the ability to convey this around the world.

Medium-to Long-Term Profit Steps and Portfolio Image

・Revitalize department store business and reach operating profit of ¥40 billion within the current medium-term plan (FY 22 to FY 24)

(Operating income exceeded maximum profit after integration of 34.6 billion yen, plan ahead of the original plan of 35 billion yen for FY 24.)
≪Record high profit after the management merger≫

・ Subsequently, after a period of declining revenues accompanied by real estate development,

①An increase in rental income after the completion of real estate development,

②An increase in card revenues due to the promotion of the CRM strategy contributed,

In the long term 10 years span [fruiting phase],We will further increase profits.
≪Reform for business portfolio≫

Key Strategy

Strategic Framework (birds-eye view)

Key Strategy1"High sensitivity and fine quality" Strategy

[High sensitivity, fine quality consumption]

・All consumer spending by customers who are committed to life and seek fine quality, affluent lifestyles

・ Consumption by all customers who use the Mitsukoshi Isetan Group, whether once a month or once a year, daily and special days.


・Providing seamless customer experience value combining real stores and online through a "high-sensitivity" strategy and digital reforms.

・ Expanding the “Group Lifetime Individual Customers” with “connected CRM” based on personal (individual) marketing.

①Construction of fine quality stores with high sensitivity


Evolve the 2 main stores into symbols of "admiration and empathy"

High sensitivity, fine quality network refined as "symbol" of urbanization

②(Individual) Out-of-store sales Reform


Increase the lifetime value of Out-of-sales customers nationwide with

[Out-of-sales + buyers + in-store attendants] × [Digital]

・Direct Marketing Activities through a New Sales Network Structure Surrounding Customers

・Taking in “Potential Needs Outside Department Stores“ they have not been purchased by department stores to date,beyond resolving customer requests.

・Establishment of "Integrated Out-of-store sales Organization" beyond Goodwill

③Establishment of high sensitivity, fine quality "base network"


Allocate brick-and-mortar stores to suit the size of the nationwide market in preparation for the dominance of high sensitivity consumption

Establishment of a highly sensitive, fine quality network of bases based on flagship stores and regional stores

・Strengthening Cooperation Utilizing High sensitivity "Base Network"

・With our digital network and sales network, Expansion of collaboration between stores and stores

Key Strategy 2"CRM Strategy connecting with individual customers"

Framework for "CRM Initiatives that connect to Individual Customers"

Approach to step-linking strategies


・Expanding the scale and amount of use of "connected customers" through both the department store business and the card business.

・Isetan Mitsukoshi Apps and MI Card to implement approaches according to the steps of "connected individual customers“.

Key Strategy 3“Stronger intra-Group coordination Strategy"


・Develop the revitalized department store business system every step

・The "Preparatory Organization" was established in the fall of Fiscal Year 2021.

Establish "Stronger intra-Group coordination Promotion System" in Fiscal Year 2022

Group Platform

1. Digital Reform (DX)

・We provides the best customer experience by the system integrating 4 DXs that we have developed inhouse, namely the "online shopping experience", "digitization of customer service", "digitization of sales support" and "online appeal".

・We establish our seamless operations by combining “brick-and-mortar stores” and “human power” with "4 DX's"

2. CRE and business model reforms for “Urban Community Development”

2-1. Development of " Urban development" as a Core Base

・From the perspective of urban development, we will continue to promote "special" department stores that serve as symbols of "respects and empathy" in the highly sensitive and fine quality "base network" and "lasting new value" derived from these stores.

2-2. Enhancing Real Estate Value Nationwide

・To build a highly sensitive, fine quality network of bases, we will maximize the use of our nationwide real estate holdings and promote real estate development from the perspective of "urban development“ that contributes to regional revitalization.

We design a business model in line with the market size × customer need ☓ distance of the main store for each owned property and the leased property.

・We promote the development of real estate in flagship store areas and nationwide areas in preparation for [Fruiting Phase].

2-3. Overseas Business Model from the CRE Perspective

・In existing businesses, we will implement "selection and conversion" based on the contract period and profitability. We make comprehensive judgments In light of category revisions, improved profitability through newbusiness models, and contract terms.

・In future business development, we intend to leverage our commercial management expertise to create a development-oriented model.

3. Reforming Business from a Scientific Perspective

3-1. Cost structure reforms

・We will redesign our department store business structure by controlling costs from a scientific perspective.

・We will promote horizontal deployment of deepening its efforts to reform its cost structure in the Tokyo metropolitan area throughout the entire company.

3-2. Redesign the department store business structure

・We will redesign our business structure through personnel planning from a scientific perspective.

・In addition to the discipline of the direct-to-indirect ratio, we will pursue business process insourcing and we will shift personnel to the financial business, real estate business and other businesses.

Management Platform Sustainability

Toward management with an emphasis on sustainability


・Contributing to Solving Social Issues through Corporate Activities as a Corporate Responsibility to Society.

・Playing a role in realizing a prosperous future for people and a sustainable society.

Financial Plan

Mid-term KPI

1. Mid-term KPI_Finance

2. Mid-term KPI_Customer

Medium-to Long-Term cash allocation

・Cash acquired during the “preparation phase” of revitalization and “Urban Community Development” will be used for large-scale real estate investment in future (Capital Investment)

・Aggressively seize new growth investment opportunities by taking advantage of additional cash allowances generated

・For shareholder returns, the company plans to increase dividends in a stable manner. The dividend was increased to 14 yen in fiscal 22 and is scheduled to increase to 24 yen in fiscal 23.

・In addition, raising awareness of the 50% level of total return ratio