Cookie Policy

■ About cookies

  • A cookie is a text file that is sent from a website when you visit that website.

  • Cookies can save information in or retrieve information from your web browser (Note 1) .

  • Cookies identify your web browser, but do not contain any personal information and do not identify individual persons.

  • Website operators may obtain cookie information from you and use it to improve customer convenience or their website.
    (Note 1) Browser: Software used to view websites on PCs, smartphones, or other devices via the Internet.

■ Examples of information obtained by cookies

  • Information identifying the device used to access a website

  • Information on your browsing and use of the pages on the website

■ Purposes of cookie usage

  • Some pages on the Group’s websites, etc. (hereinafter referred to as “Websites”) use cookies. In addition, cookies sent by third parties not belonging to the Group may be used.

  • Access data including cookies are used by the Group to improve customer convenience and to maintain and improve the quality of the Websites. Major purposes of use include the following.

    * Improving customer convenience, such as keeping sessions with shopping cart information and favorite products.
    * Delivering advertisements that match your interests based on your browsing history on the Websites
    * Presenting personalized product recommendations based on your browsing history on the Websites
    * Improving the Websites, our merchandise, and customer service by collecting and analyzing the information on your use of the Websites
    * Maintaining the operation of the Websites and preventing fraud or the like

  • In principle, browsing and usage history information obtained from the Websites (hereinafter referred to as “obtained information”) will not be used for any purpose other than those described above. Further, obtained information that is kept and used in association with personal information will be handled as personal information pursuant to our Privacy Policy.
    However, if a third party issues cookies, their use by the third party will be handled in accordance with the privacy policy, etc. of that third party.

■ Disabling cookies

  • If you wish to disable cookies that are issued by a third party and used on each Website, you may do so on the page of the service company concerned.

  • Cookie settings are only applied to individual browsers. If you disable cookies in a browser and then use a different browser or change your PC or smartphone, you will need to disable cookies again in the new browser.

  • Please note that, if you disable cookies, you may not be able to use some of the services provided by the Websites.

  • For details, please see <How to disable cookies of a service> below and follow the instructions.

<How to disable cookies of a service>

  • If you wish to disable cookies of a service, you can do so by changing the settings on the dedicated pages of the companies shown below.

[Advertisement delivery]

  • Advertisements are delivered on the basis of customer interests and preferences estimated from browsing information of the Websites and others.
    Note: Even if you have set “Stopping the delivery of advertisements using browsing history”, advertisements of Isetan Mitsukoshi Group companies that do not use browsing history will still be displayed.

  • Google / Yahoo / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / LINE / Criteo / Taboola / smartnews / KARTE / SMN

[Access analytics]

  • Cookies are used to analyze customer access to the Websites in order to improve the quality of the Websites and other services.

  • Google Analytics / User Local / KARTE

[Website functionality]

  • Cookies are used to improve the functionality of the Websites, such as suggesting recommended products.

  • WovnTechnologies / KARTE