Message from
the President and CEO

Throughout its long history, the Isetan Mitsukoshi Group has always followed the customer-first principle, and has continued to transform its business model while embracing the social and business environment changes in each era right up until the present day.


In the medium-term management plan currently underway, we defined our vision for the future as "a ‘special’ department store-centered retail group that enriches the lives of its customers." The word "special" embodies our aspiration to be the number-one, only-one department store group, providing individual customers with inspiring solutions to their problems, responding to customer demands with innovative proposals, and constantly conveying its vision to the world. Specifically, we will revitalize our department stores with initiatives such as our "high sensitivity, fine quality" strategy, develop connections with Isetan Mitsukoshi Group customers, and strive to expand revenue to Group companies, primarily card and systems companies, through our intra-Group coordination strategy. Beyond that, we aim to take a big step toward bringing about urban community development in the Shinjuku and Nihombashi areas as symbols of admiration and empathy.


We will approach the department store business scientifically, thoroughly pursue the shift to "personal" marketing that addresses the demands of individual customers, use all available means—including digital communication—to connect to customers, and progressively grow the number of fans of the Isetan Mitsukoshi Group.


At the same time, we will pursue sustainability initiatives aimed at addressing environmental and social issues through our business activities. We hope to identify and communicate how we will undertake these initiatives as management and what we will provide to society.


We will continue to contribute to the future prosperity of our customers, shareholders, and all other stakeholders, as well as the realization of a sustainable society.


We hope you will look forward to the endeavors of the Isetan Mitsukoshi Group and ask for your continued support.

Toshiyuki Hosoya

Director, President and CEO

April 1, 2024