Connecting customers and local regions with the Isetan Mitsukoshi Hometown Tax scheme

Isetan Mitsukoshi Hometown Tax

Launched October 2019


In the Isetan Mitsukoshi Hometown Tax scheme, the Isetan Mitsukoshi Group leverages its nationwide network to introduce information and specialty products from regions around Japan, creating opportunities for many people around the country to experience the charms of other local areas. The gift items from local regions are selected by Isetan Mitsukoshi Group buyers, with 114 municipalities having announced their participation and 89 municipalities currently available (as of January 2021). The scheme has also featured campaigns where specialty products that haven’t sold due to the impact of COVID-19 can be chosen as gifts, helping to revitalize local areas. Moving forward, we will expand the scheme to include other municipalities and gift items in order to help bolster local industries.


Information on the Isetan Mitsukoshi Hometown Tax scheme is available not only via the portal site, but also at in-store counters and Hometown Tax events. For customers who have wanted to participate but haven’t yet had the chance, or who don’t understand the system and how to apply through the website, staff are on hand to explain everything in detail.
*Details about in-store sign-up periods are posted on the website beforehand.