Credit & Finance Business/Customer Organization Management Business

2 companies (As of March 31,2023)

There are two companies in this business: MI CARD Co. Ltd., which is the Isetan Mitsukoshi Group’s credit company, and MI TOMONOKAI Co., Ltd., which manages membership services.

MI CARD has about 2.7 million members with refined tastes and purchasing power. The company increases membership and encourage to utilize their cards by making use of this good customer base to issue co-branded cards and expand business partners that accept MI Points from the Group’s point program.

1-8-12, Harumi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-6212, Japan

TEL +81-3-6635-5580

・Credit card business, nonlife insurance business, business related to life insurance solicitation, and others

1-8-12, Harumi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-6212, Japan

TEL +81-570-057-800 (Customer service)

・Operation of group department stores’ membership clubs