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Group Business Digest

Department Stores in Japan

We have established the dominant uniqueness of Isetan Mitsukoshi, which is differentiated against our competitors, through our store strategy including the three flagship stores, three major regional centers (Sapporo, Nagoya, Fukuoka), and our suburban and regional small to medium-size stores.

Isetan Shinjuku Main Store: The world’s premier fashion store
Mitsukoshi Nihombashi Main Store: The world’s premier "omotenashi" customer service
Mitsukoshi Ginza Store: A landmark in the world-renowned town of Ginza

Overseas Department Stores

We aim to realize the world’s premier retail service group by focusing on expanding the number of Isetan Mitsukoshi fans in China and Southeast Asia.

Other Group Businesses

Credit, Finance, and Fellowship Businesses

In addition to credit card issuance and management at group and partner department Stores, we are involved in businesses including insurance agency and financial product introduction business through MI CARD Co., Ltd. and fellowship operations through MI TOMONOKAI Co., Ltd.

Retail, Specialty Store, and Mail-order Businesses

The Isetan Mitsukoshi group operates IM Food Style Ltd. which conducts businesses including manufacturing and wholesale of foodstuffs, supermarket businesses mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Other group companies include Isetan Mitsukoshi Direct Shopping Ltd. and JP Mitsukoshi Merchandising Co., Ltd. which conduct mail-order businesses including catalogue and television-based shopping services.

Manufacturing, Import/Export, and Wholesale Businesses

Group companies in our manufacturing, import/export, and wholesale businesses include Isetan Mitsukoshi Gift Solutions Ltd., which plans, develops, and markets gift products and systems; Leo Mart Co., Ltd., which plans, operates, and markets department Store and commercial facility events; Leotex Co., Ltd., which manufactures and markets products including men’s clothing; Century Trading Co., Ltd., which imports Western liquor (mainly wine), foodstuffs, and miscellaneous homeware.

Human Resource and Service Businesses

Group companies in human resource and service businesses include Isetan Mitsukoshi Human Solutions Ltd., which dispatches staff and conducts education and training, and Isetan Mitsukoshi Soleil, Co., Ltd., which conducts support activities for group department Stores.

Real Estate Management Businesses

The Isetan Mitsukoshi group operates real estate management businesses including Isetan Mitsukoshi Property Design Ltd., which is involved in planning, development, design, and construction of commercial facilities, tenant leasing, facilities operation and management, cleaning and security, and operation and management of car parking facilities. Other company include Isetan Mitsukoshi Real Estate Co., Ltd., which is involved in activities from planning and development through to operation and management of rental condominiums and office buildings.

Logistics Businesses

Group logistics businesses include Isetan Mitsukoshi Business Support Ltd., which is responsible for logistics activities for the group as well as fulfilment for mail-order sales and support for the building of supply chains.

Information Processing and Media Businesses

Group information processing and media businesses include Isetan Mitsukoshi System Solutions Ltd., which develops and operates core systems for our department Stores and also conducts ASP services for other department Stores and apparel manufacturers, Studio Alta Co., Ltd., which produces television commercials and programming as well as planning and operating events and campaigns, and Fashion Headline Ltd., which operates fashion-related news websites, creates site content, and develops systems.