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Corporate Profile of Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings

Company name Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd.
Principal businesses

1. Management planning and management of subsidiaries and group companies engaged in department store and other businesses, and all related operations

2. Department store businesses


Kunio Ishizuka, Chairman and Representative Director
(concurrently Chairman and Representative Director, Isetan Mitsukoshi Ltd.)

Hiroshi Ohnishi, President and CEO
(concurrently President and CEO, Isetan Mitsukoshi Ltd.)

Established April 1, 2008
Head office 5-16-10, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022, Japan
Capital JPY50.1 billion
Fiscal year ended March 31
Articles of Incorporation Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Articles of Incorporation

Directors and Officers of Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd.

Chairman and Representative Director Kunio Ishizuka
President and CEO Hiroshi Ohnishi
Director, Senior Managing Executive Officer Takuya Matsuo General Manager of Retail Business Planning & Operation Headquarters
Director, Managing Executive Officer Ken Akamatsu General Manager of Administration Headquarters
Toshihiko Sugie General Manager of Strategic Planning Headquarters
Hidenori Takeda Administration Headquarters
Non-exclusive Director Shoei Utsuda
Yoshinori Ida  
Katsunori Nagayasu  
Audit & Supervisory Board Member (Full-Time) Shinya Takada  
Kosuke Kojima  
Independent Audit & Supervisory Board Member Teisuke Kitayama  
Sumio Iijima  
Managing Executive Officer
Yoshio Takino General Manager of Risk Management Office
Executive Officer Yoshiya Kubota General Manager of Secretary Division
Toshinori Shirai General Manager of Business Creation/M&A&A/CRM Division´╝îStrategic Planning Headquarters
Takaaki Muto General Manager of General Administration Division, Administration Headquarters
Hideharu Wada General Manager of Business Coordination Division, Administration Headquarters
Shigeki Yamazaki General Manager of Finance and Accounting Division, Administration Headquarters
Jun Yokoyama General Manager of Overseas Business Planning & Operation Headquarters
Masaaki Yanagi General Manager of Business Strategy Division, Retail Business Planning & Operation Headquarters
Toru Hayakawa General Manager of Marketing Strategy Division, Retail Business Planning & Operation Headquarters
Noriaki Shoji General Manager of Area Channel Business Headquarters, Retail Business Planning & Operation Headquarters
Moritaka Nakamura General Manager of Personal Management Division

Directors and Officers of Group Companies

Senior Managing Executive Officer Toshihiko Nakagome President and CEO, Iwataya Mitsukoshi Ltd.
Senior Executive Officer Toru Takeuchi President and CEO, Sapporo Marui Mitsukoshi Ltd.
Naoki Misu President and Representative Director, Nagoya Mitsukoshi Ltd.
Tomonari Sera President and Representative Director, West Japan Railway Isetan Ltd.
Executive Officer Norikazu Watanabe President and Store Manager, Sendai Mitsukoshi Ltd.
Tatsuichi Asada President and CEO, Niigata Isetan Mitsukoshi Ltd.
Tetsuya Konnai Director, Senior Managing Executive Officer, General Manager of Business Planning and Operation Headquarters, West Japan Railway Isetan Ltd.
Tsutomu Urata President and CEO, MICARD Co., LTD.
Takashi Yamashita President and Representative Director, Isetan Mitsukoshi Property Design Ltd.
Itsuko Tamura President and Representative Director, Isetan Mitsukoshi Human Solutions Ltd.

Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart