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新宿から世界の足元を変える~伊勢丹新宿本店から誕生したオリジナル婦人靴ブランドが2016年1月プルミエールクラスに初出展~Purchasing system innovation and NUMBER TWENTY-ONE ~ Part2

世界の足元を変える『ISETAN SHOES』Seeking to Change the Feet of the World with ISETAN SHOES

During the event, Isetan Mitsukoshi presented its worldview, which is expressed by its "this is japan" corporate message. Isetan Mitsukoshi's products, services and shop dressing on display at the event allowed people from all over the world to experience the values created by Japanese culture and tradition, and the Japanese aesthetic consciousness appreciated by the world.



Isetan Mitsukoshi took advantage of the artisanship it has nurtured by producing "NUMBER TWENTY-ONE," the company ladies' shoe brand that originated at the Isetan Shinjuku Main Store, known as the world's best fashion museum, to display a lineup of about 200 stock-keeping units as "ISETAN SHOES" (*).
(*) ISETAN SHOES is not an official brand name but is the name of the lineup that will be used when it is displayed at Premiere Classe.
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プルミエールクラスとは、年4回パリで開催されるアクセサリーとファッション小物の国際展示会です。毎回、出展ブランドが個性豊かなコレクションを発表しています。 インターナショナルなバイヤー達が世界各国から訪れ、服飾雑貨マーケットの未来を占う業界必見の展示会として知られています。

This lineup of shoes has been displayed at the 21 department stores in the Isetan Mitsukoshi Group in Japan since spring 2015, as well as in the overseas Group stores Mei Long Zhen Isetan Shanghai and Isetan Kuala Lumpur, as well as South Korea's Shinsegae Department Store, which is outside of the Group. In January 2016, ISETAN SHOES were displayed for the first time at the Premiere Classe held in Paris.

Premiere Classe is an international exhibition of accessories and fashion articles held four times a year in Paris. Brands present highly innovative collections in this trade show, which attracts international buyers from all over the world and has earned a reputation as an essential event for anyone wanting to predict future trends in the accessory market.


世界に通じるクリエイションブランドとの協業Collaboration with world-class brands

プルミエールクラスには、約 200アイテム のラインナップで臨み、作り、デザイン性はもちろん、履きやすさにこだわったメイドインジャパンの商品を中心に出展しました。出展内容は、世界に通じるクリエイションブランド、日本発(初)を目指すブランドなど約6ブランドとの協業商品、クリエーターのファッションアイテム(アパレル)にあわせて、その世界観を伝えることができるオリジナル婦人靴をクリエーターと協業して製作しました。

Shoes produced in collaboration with four other brands, including a world-class creative brand and another that is aiming to be an original Japanese brand to the world.
- Isetan Mitsukoshi has produced ladies' shoes -- which can communicate the corporate group's world view in combination with fashion items (apparel) -- in collaboration with the creators of the apparel. The company has thus succeeded in creating ladies' shoes in a completely new genre.



The Isetan Shinjuku Main Store, which boasts 24 million visitors a year, offers fashion brands developed in collaboration with a wide range of creators. However, the women's shoe shop had few products that matched these creators' fashion items (apparel) and conveyed the world view of their creators.

To fill this gap, Isetan worked with creators and brought in its network of Japanese artisans to produce creations of unprecedented quality in an entirely new genre.


100社を超える来場Over 100 companies visit exhibition



Isetan Shoes The MICAM(ミカム)in ITALY 靴の展示会へ 初出展

Over 100 department stores, exclusive shops and concept store buyers from Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and South America visited the exhibition.

This has led to trade negotiations with the aim of expanding into European stores. We will continue to publicize our brand to overseas audiences. Capitalizing on what we have learned from Premiere Classe, we will seek opportunities for expansion beyond Europe, such as exhibitions in the US and initiatives with show rooms.

Isetan Mitsukoshi to Participate in “The MICAM” Shoe Exhibition for 1st Time

FROM ISETAN TO THE WORLD,Premiere Classe 2016


Exhibition of the state of the video you can see

プルミエールクラスバイヤー 小木曽愛From Ai Ogiso, women's shoe buyer

世界のバイヤーから評価していただけたことは大変良い経験。継続して海外への発信を行っていきたいEarning praise from buyers from all over the world was an amazing experience. I hope to continue to showcase our brand overseas.

【世界に向けて「NUMBER TWENTY-ONE」を発信】
「NUMBER TWENTY-ONE」は三越伊勢丹のプライベートブランドというだけではなく世界から認められるブランドにしていきたいという思いがあり、デビューから5年間で培ってきたリソースを世界に向けて発信する良い場を探した結果、海外でも来場者数が多く、出展者の幅も広いプルミエールクラスが良いと思いました。

Bringing NUMBER TWENTY-ONE to a worldwide audience
I want to make NUMBER TWENTY-ONE not only Isetan Mitsukoshi's original brand, but also a brand recognized around the world. We planned an exhibition at Premiere Classe, which draws many visitors and a broad range of exhibitors, to showcase to the world this brand that we have nurtured in the five years since its debut.

プルミエールクラスの出展にあたり、海外のバイヤーの方の目に留めるにはどのようなカテゴリーが響くのか考えました。第一にクリエイションカテゴリーです。私たちは東京という街のファッションはとても刺激的で楽しいものだと考えております。ただし、シューズに関してはお洋服に対してまだまだ遅れをとっています。そのため、東京のファッションを足元から発信したいと思い、数名の注目のクリエイターの方たちとのコラボレイトシューズを手掛けました。次に、日本と言えば最先端のテクノロジーです。高機能の人工皮革は世界の中でも日本はかなり進んでおり、革よりも優れた素材が次々に開発されています。「NUMBER TWENTY-ONE」ではそのメリットを生かしたシューズが、ご好評をいただいております。世界の皆さまにも日本ならではのテクノロジーをご紹介したく、今回の目玉のカテゴリーの二つにいたしました。

Introducing cutting-edge technology
I gave a lot of thought to the elements that would have a lingering impact and would draw the attention of foreign buyers at the Premiere Class exhibition.
Creativity was the first aspect that came to mind. Tokyo fashion is really exciting and fun. Shoes lag behind apparel in this respect. I wanted to showcase Tokyo fashion from the ground up, so to speak, so we collaborated with renowned creators to produce shoes.
Second, Japan is synonymous with cutting-edge technology, so we wanted to highlight this element. Japan's high-performance artificial leather technology is really advanced, and we have developed materials that are even more impressive than leather. With NUMBER TWENTY-ONE, our shoes capitalizing on these merits have earned acclaim. We wanted to introduce Japan's unique technology to the world.


Dynamic ISETAN SHOES booth
The creative elements we focused on drew a really impressive response. There was so much to see at our exhibition that it was one of the most dynamic in the hall, and the ISETAN SHOES booth was busy with people all day long. Almost everyone listened with great interest to our explanations of the technical materials used in our designs. It was clear that people have high hopes for these new materials.



Ongoing publicity targeting an overseas audience
This display primarily introduced products made in Japan, and the craftsmanship itself, as well as the collaboration with creators and the technical materials used, were well received. However, we realized that taxes and transportation costs are a problem when setting prices. We will continue to reach out to a global audience going forward by innovating production methods, workmanship and export methods, as well as raising the value of the initiative itself. Capitalizing on what we have learned from Premiere Classe, we plan to seek opportunities for expansion beyond Europe, such as exhibitions in the US and initiatives with show rooms.

小木曽愛Ai Ogiso

2008年 ㈱伊勢丹入社。クローバーショップでの販売を二年間経験。

Ai Ogiso joined Isetan in 2008. After two years of experience in women's clothing sales, she was involved in the launch of NUMBER TWENTY-ONE as an assistant buyer of women's shoes in 2010. Appointed to current position in 2015.
On her days off, Ai likes to get out every day and observe the world around her, searching for fun and thinking about the kinds of products she wants to share with customers.